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Trainings and tutorials

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem) offers training and tutorials to support providers in continuing their education. Presentations, videos, and other training documentation will be added as they become available.

Training opportunities for behavioral health providers

Sign up with Psych Hub ,* our new training partner for behavioral health providers. You’ll have access to Psych Hub’s catalog of educational podcasts, videos, and other accredited content. You’ll also have the opportunity to receive free education units, a requirement for most professional licenses, at no cost. Numerous self-paced courses in evidence-based interventions are ready and waiting for you. Build your Psych Hub dashboard today .

*Psych Hub is an independent company providing training services on behalf of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Additional provider learning resources


Tools and toolkits

Coming soon

Provider manual

The provider manual provides key administrative information, including the quality improvement program, the Utilization Management program, quality standards for participation, claims appeals, and reimbursement and administration policies.

Provider orientation

For all providers with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield seeing Ohio Medicaid members, a provider orientation is offered.


Related topics


Tools to offer culturally competent care

To best serve our diverse populations it is important for our providers to have the knowledge, resources, and tools to provide the best care to all our members.


Learn how to address gaps in care

An online course for providers and office staff that conveys practical strategies for implementing patient care and applying best practices


Our Full Library Of Provider Materials

Having trouble finding the resource you are looking for? Check out our full library of provider materials to locate exactly what you are trying to find.

Provider tools & resources

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