Pharmacy information

Pharmacy benefits for enrolled members are managed through the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM). ODM has contracted with a single pharmacy benefit manager (SPBM) to improve the administration of pharmacy benefits for managed care recipients and ensure transparency, accountability, and integrity to better serve Ohio Medicaid members and their healthcare providers. The SPBM consolidates the processing of retail pharmacy benefits and maintains a pharmacy claims system that integrates with the Ohio Medicaid Enterprise System (OMES), new MCOs, pharmacies, and prescribers.

Single pharmacy benefit manager (SPBM)

The SPBM provides more pharmacy choices for members and offers a more streamlined process for providers with a single Preferred Drug List and uniform clinical criteria for coverage. SPBM services include:

  • Processing pharmacy claims for all covered drugs dispensed by any pharmacy provider
  • Providing expert clinical knowledge to establish Preferred Drug Lists (PDLs)
  • Contracting with pharmacies to ensure members have easier access to medications

SPBM resources

SPBM contact information

Prior authorizations can be submitted by phone, fax, or mail:


Phone:  833-491-0344
8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST Monday to Friday


Fax:  833-679-5491


Mail: Gainwell Technologies OH SPBM,
P.O. Box 3908 Dublin, OH  43016-0472;

Medical injectables

Provider administered drugs can be accessed via fax. The information presented in the provider administered pharmaceuticals fee schedule and prior authorization submission through fax pertains to medical drugs only when the provider plans to buy & bill.

Access provider administered drugs (buy & bill)


Fax: 800-563-5581

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